Spring Cleaning The Closet

About a week ago, I adopted a new mantra. The BE ORGANISED Mantra! In my mind, everything was rainbows, unicorns and cupcakes with sprinkles. Well a week later it still is. So in keeping with the theme of newly organised ME,  it’s only fitting that my first blog post is one which shares (and by that I mean share my new found wisdom, my Martha Stewart wisdom). So my week of lists, neatness, dresses, accessories, sugar and spice and all things nice deserves a moment of silence. Respect!

Step 1: CHARGE IPOD. Yes, I’m in a state of cardiac arrest. Have you seen the latest Spring trends! But let’s just breathe (asthma pump on standby) and get this playlist together. Cleaning demands happy tunes. Ooooh lets set the mood. l will start with Summer of 69 thank you very much. Barry just isn’t appropriate for the task at hand.

Step 2: CLOSET OVERHAUL. Empty all cupboards and drawers. This is now the cleanse (no green smoothies required). OMG how did I accumulate this much. Can I just hide in shame under the pile! So now the journey begins. I’ve gone through every item and asked myself, will I wear this again. If the answer was no (Note: These were reluctant no’s but utterly honest ones) I tossed it. Aargh binbags!!!

2014-09-21 08.47.14

STEP 3: SORT & CONQUER. Everything has been divided into a season pile and arranged accordingly in my closet. My legs have been freshly waxed so bring on the dresses. Winter coats and opaques be banished (actually hung away neatly for next season). Given my major OCD tendencies, all hangers need to be white,  slim and facing in the same direction. I’m channelling my inner Martha Stewart once again (whilst my closet rails channel the colour wheel).


Step 4: DONATE.  Just because items are neglected in my closet doesn’t mean they need to retain their lonely existence. It’s easier letting go of the clothing knowing someone else will be making good use of it ( good karma b*tches, now if only I’d win the Lotto).

And now for all the vacant space, replenishing needs to begin already. Well next week perhaps. Right now, I’m ready for a nap. Hooray for a successful spring clean (and double hooray because that was some intense cardio).



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