The Perfect Pout

By Evanne Moodley


As trends go, every part of a women’s body has caused some sort off upheaval at some point or the other, from Shakira’s hips don’t lie, to Beyonce bootylicious booty. But my favourite has to be Angelina Jolie’s lips! I am a firm believer that lips highlight any look (think bold eyes and subtle lips, to subtle makeup with bold lips). Given my pout obsession, this post showcases my favourite pucker up colours this season. And they all happen to be from MAC. Well, naturally so, given another obsession of mine is MAC makeup.

Russian Red


This colour is made for a daring sultry look. And off course if you love wearing red shades, it proves that you have no inhibition to highlighting your lips and you have the confidence to draw attention to your luscious lips (Now that’s a lady after my own heart). Passionate, sensuous, bold , fearless and sexy. Red shades are also known to bring out the energetic side of you (oh who needs Red Bull, Russian Red is giving us wings)!!

Candy Yum Yum


Candy Yum Yum is beyond ideal for a bright, fun look (crazy, let your hair down and dance in your underwear kinda days). But off course I am not one to waste a good lipstick (so no, you won’t find me indoors with this baby on). I’ll be out dancing. And if you need someone to dance with? Call upon the girl with a bold pink lip! Sassy, daring and a zest for life. Nothing says life of every party better than that!

Novel Romance Light Pink


Aaaah, bless the soul of the creator of the colour. I am nuts about this playful soft colour. Pinkish shades are very common among lipsticks and there is probably no woman in the world who does not have a pink shade in her collection (well let’s admit, this shade is flattering on everyone). This shade brings out my inner sweetness and enhances my  is girlie girl feel. And the name says it all. Soft hearted and romantic, sweet, caring and delicate. Pink = Cuteness. But in my case, it equates to cuteness personified.

Now even though these are vastly different colours, they all reflect my personality. And I am obsessed with all three shades. Call me crazy with spilt personalities. But Russian Red ignites my inner vixen. Candy Yum Yum ignites the carefree party animal in me. And off course, Novel Romance ignites my lady-like goddess. Now my husband and friends might say that’s all kinds of crazy but I say love me or leave me, but never mistake me, I am me and I AM ALL KINDS OF WOMEN!!! #poutingfordays


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