Peachy Friday

The shift dress (Twiggy be blessed) ticks all my major Spring trend boxes!!! And then I find this piece of perfection in peach (only one of my absolute FAVE colours ever)!!! So, shift dresses were major in the 1960’s and are once again major. Well of course it would be, it is retro and ab fab!


This Spring expect to see shift dresses in vibrant colours, feminine lace and floral prints and oozing femininity. The shift dress is perfect for those busy days when you are after something simple and effortless (and I woke up an hour late this morning, I needed something quick and fuss free so that I could be ready in record time). And the shift dress was ideal. For a casual look team with pretty flats and stockings or leggings if you find the short hemline on these dresses intimidating. For an evening look, pair with heels and layered statement accessories. In addition, shift dresses flatter any body type as they usually have minimal detailing and skim the curves rather than cling to every nook and cranny 🙂

IMG_20141031_083615 IMG_20141031_083638

I have kept my look today quite understated, accessorising with a statement cuff and a retro messenger bag. THE VERDICT (well my humble opinion) – Casual Sophistication!!!

Dress – H&M

Stockings – Woolworts

Shoes – Zoom

Bag – Zulu Lulu

So cheers to channelling Twiggy and the weekend of course!!!



Stripe Me Taller

Whether horizontal, vertical, thin, thick, black, blue or whatever other colour it may be, stripes are amazing. And they provide the perfect graphic statement to one’s closet. When paired with the right pieces, stripes are flattering and provide instant trendiness. The key to wearing stripes in my world is to keep it simple and keep it clean. My look today incorporates a striped skirt and a plain scoop neck tee (the skirt stands out so I tried not to detract attention from my statement piece). And in addition to looking well put together, vertical stripes create the illusion of tall-ness. Aaaaah yes, I can live with that!

Disclaimer: Given that I am new to blogging, I am somewhat getting use to posing and finding spots to take pictures. They always happen to be somewhere around our complex. So please excuse my pictures and their backgrounds (hahahahahaha). Hopefully I will be able to stop traffic soon and take pictures on the highway (I joke)!!! But please bare with me, I promise to get better soon 🙂

20141030_070821 20141030_070623

Tee – Woolworths

Skirt – Mr Price

Shoes – YDE


The Boxy Cropped Jacket

Cropped jackets are so trendy right now and perfect for Spring. Breathable, lightweight fabrics stop one from overheating and also provide you with the option to layer on crisp mornings. I think this means the cropped jacket is a Spring essential in my closet.

downloadfile-3 downloadfile-2

So today I am channeling 60’s glam, with a boxy white jacket and dress. I love the boxy shape as it’s forgiving to my hourglass shape and helps disguise my midsection.


Cropped jacket – Jo Borkett

Dress – Forever New

Shoes – Plum

Handbag – Guess


Monochrome and Mules

THE MULE. I grew up watching my mom wearing these and well of course, we all morph into our moms at some point or the other. My transition seems to be happening sooner than I expected. And well, so has the mule. It is the made-over version (which I cannot get enough off). From bejewelled flat mules to a chunky heel (or perhaps a sleek stiletto if you aren’t a fan of chunky), the mule is nothing short of perfection! And well, the ease of pulling them off with whatever look you going for, makes them even more desirable.

IMG_20141028_074035 IMG_20141028_074114

White Tee – Woolies

Draped Skirt – Jo Borkett

Mules – Spitz

Necklace – Zulu Lulu

Clutch – Zulu Lulu




I Love Big Bows & I Cannot Lie

I love bows!!! The bigger the better. So firstly, let’s get rid of the misconception that bows equate to Stepford Wife-ness. If anything, bows bring a touch of feminity to any ensemble (be it a bow in ones hair, a belt adorning a belt, or even shoes, much like mine today).

IMG_20141027_101650 IMG_20141027_101542

Sunglasses – Forever New

Coat – Splash

Shoes – Woolworts

Handbag – Guess



Dress(ing) Up

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am an extreme dress kinda girl. So extreme that for about 10 years, dresses are all I wore. And of course given my control freak personality (there’s no space for global warming and weather unpredictability in my head), I always need to plan. And my planning started way before Spring dawned upon us in South Africa. So there I was constantly checking online clothing sites to secure my favourite Spring pieces. I needed to be equipped after covering up for what seemed like eternity!!! Here are my three Spring staples (well, let me rephrase that, Spring dress staples):

The Two Piece

Embellished-Printed-Silk-Crepe-de-Chine-Top Printed-Silk-Crepe-de-Chine-Pencil-Skirt

I am in awe (from both an aesthetic and practical point of view).  I am one of those girls who never finds a perfectly fitting dress (my top is small, whereas my bottom isn’t), so this trend is on point. I’ve also never been one to show much skin on my upper body (in my attempt to not resemble a beached whale) but the two piece allows one to be daring, whilst remaining sophisticated (choose a piece with 1-2 inches cut out for the perfect blend between sexy and classy).


114230885 112299528

 There’s always a colour which is perfect. For this season, mine has to be orange (black will also always reign supreme in my life). It flatters my skin tone and makes my heart happy. And as seen on many runways, orange seems to be the new black! Orange is such a beautiful colour. It is bright and attention-grabbing (oh yes, Zulu Lulu loves statement pieces). So yes, as overwhelming as orange might be, ladies, do not shy away. The key to making this color trend work in your closet is to wear it with minimal jewelry and makeup for a bold and elegant look.


121509453 121487111

This is probably my favourite (well, we all know I am obsessed with everything). Dresses in metallic shades (think chrome, metallic blue, metallic pink, copper and gold) are making a big splash this Spring (especially in my closet, pics will be posted soon). These shades provide the perfect foundation for a sexy, elegant look (one of my many aims in life is to always radiant elegance, nothing is sexier). Smokey eyes, bold statement jewellery, strappy heels. Bulls-eye baby! And I am perfectly put together for a night out!



Eyebrows! I’ll have mine FULL!

So facial hair is a taboo (well for me anyways), all except the brows! I am obsessed with youthful, bushy, natural brows like Cara Delevingne’s. Hence, I’m always on a quest to obtain the perfect brows (statement on its own). Here are a few easy tips on how to achieve full brows:


Try hault on the constant plucking (I mean chickens are meant to be plucked bald, not them brows) and allow your brows to grow naturally. Once your hair growth has somewhat recovered, start researching the shape of brows which would most flatter your face. Choose that look and stick to it (if it ain’t broke, why fix it). Remember not to over tweeze or wax or thread as your brow folicles may become permanently damaged and hence may never grow back (noooooooo, I need Cara’s brows).  And ladies, if you have shaky hands, best steer clear of shaping your brows and seek professional help (beautician, also know as magician) near you for a polished look. For the DIY-ers, stencils work magic when shaping brows. I also have my brows tinted black to further enhance my statement look (and it saves me colouring them in with eyeliner and channelling Marilyn Manson).

1414234141378 1414234193703

The rules are quite simple eyebrows should complement and balance your features- rounder features require angular brows, while angular or irregular features require softer eyebrows.  No matter what look you would like to achieve with your brows, keep them natural, keep them full, keep them youthful!