On Trend: The NEON Clutch

So im going to begin this post with a simple question. What is the best part about Spring? Well, I guess its always different strokes for different folk, but here’s mine (one of the many that is). I love the loud, vivid colours. And in keeping with that, this Spring, it doesn’t get any more on point than an eye-catching neon clutch (because we’re all closet fashionistas and know that sometimes the best way to make an outfit pop, is through accessories).


In case you are not used to wearing really bright colors (because we all aren’t competing with the sun), a bag is the perfect way to put a touch of color into your outfit without going color crazy. I choose my fashion battles wisely. Today I choose a pop of neon. That’s all. But for the brave (because why should Braveheart be limited to just a movie), color blocking with neon pieces works beautifully.  Mix and match complementary bright colors or kit out in black and white with a burst of neon. My suggestion is that we should all embrace the 80’s neon obsessed, disco fever girl within us, in the manner that suits us.  No matter what you choose: pushing boundaries or playing it safe, neon can add a fresh funky touch to your wardrobe. So, Be Bold. Be safe. Just BE-YOU-TIFUL.

Email zulululuza@gmail.com for the latest range of beautifully vivid clutch bags. Instagram @zulululu_lookbook.


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