Accessorise Me Pretty

I’m a January baby. In South Africa, that equates to being born in the midst of Summer. Naturally, I am a lover of sunshine (with lots of sunscreen), pretty dresses, ice-cream and sweetie pie colours. This Spring however, I am adding obsession with accessories to my almost endless list of loves. Bright colours, mixed with subtle earth tones and soft pastels.

IMG_20141009_220216 IMG_20141009_220332 IMG_20141009_220103

That being said, sunshine and delicate hues are delighting my colour buds! And, statement accessories are providing me with colourful splashes in some of the most exhilarating ways imaginable. Pastel stones mixed with bright gems are suited to almost every wardrobe, including mine! The more exotic, bold pieces are best worn alone or matched with subtle pastel and neutral tones. This Spring’s colour palette is an artistic melody evoking style so pretty, it almost screams, eat me! The way I style my accessories is unlimited! It allows me to express my personality, feminity and style.

IMG_20141009_220151 IMG_20141009_220128 IMG_20141009_220445

I’m all about choice and generally abundance. So from jagged edged stones to hand-made pieces, I find myself in heaven, accessory heaven (and often broke)!!! So, I’m officially saying goodbye to all things dull, dark and winter induced and hello to pastels and pops of colour to welcome my favourite time of year. Well, in all honesty, I do occasionally incorporate black into my Spring wardrobe (aaaaah yes, I’m also a monochrome addict and every girl needs a saviour on those “feeling fat and bloated” days). So, I think it’s time we all transition from “I can’t accessorise, it doesn’t suit me” to “Oh wow, I’m accessorised pretty”. There’s usually always something to suit everyone’s tastes. And no, I wont be accessorized pretty, I’ll be turning heads (actually breaking necks)!!!

IMG_20141009_220414 IMG_20141009_220238 IMG_20141009_220306

The neckpieces featured on this post are available from Zulu Lulu. Email zulululuza@gmail for their latest catalogue.


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