Valentino Obsession

If I had an alter ego, it would hands down be Valentino. Well, in my case I’d be calling myself Valentina (just for good measure)! Have you seen the shoes, the fragrances, the makeup, the clothing and the bags! One can hardly blame me. My current object of affection has to be everything Valentino (well actually, the clutch bags). This is the reason I currently work! I will survive on water and toast for the pleasure of owning such art.

IMG_20141019_184740 IMG_20141019_184728

Precisely made and hand crafted, Valentino’s clutch bags are a timeless investment in the label’s iconic brand. Aaaah, and it takes one’s haute couture-ness to the next level (mine will be on steroids). The clutch bag isnt very practical for daily use but I guess I don’t really care. They are far too feminine and pretty (right up my alley) to set aside even for work. Crazy I know. But what better way to live than sheer craziness. I’ll have a dose of gorgeous Valentino clutch bags with my craziness. Thank you very much.

IMG_20141019_184756 IMG_20141019_184710


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