Dress(ing) Up

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am an extreme dress kinda girl. So extreme that for about 10 years, dresses are all I wore. And of course given my control freak personality (there’s no space for global warming and weather unpredictability in my head), I always need to plan. And my planning started way before Spring dawned upon us in South Africa. So there I was constantly checking online clothing sites to secure my favourite Spring pieces. I needed to be equipped after covering up for what seemed like eternity!!! Here are my three Spring staples (well, let me rephrase that, Spring dress staples):

The Two Piece

Embellished-Printed-Silk-Crepe-de-Chine-Top Printed-Silk-Crepe-de-Chine-Pencil-Skirt

I am in awe (from both an aesthetic and practical point of view).  I am one of those girls who never finds a perfectly fitting dress (my top is small, whereas my bottom isn’t), so this trend is on point. I’ve also never been one to show much skin on my upper body (in my attempt to not resemble a beached whale) but the two piece allows one to be daring, whilst remaining sophisticated (choose a piece with 1-2 inches cut out for the perfect blend between sexy and classy).


114230885 112299528

 There’s always a colour which is perfect. For this season, mine has to be orange (black will also always reign supreme in my life). It flatters my skin tone and makes my heart happy. And as seen on many runways, orange seems to be the new black! Orange is such a beautiful colour. It is bright and attention-grabbing (oh yes, Zulu Lulu loves statement pieces). So yes, as overwhelming as orange might be, ladies, do not shy away. The key to making this color trend work in your closet is to wear it with minimal jewelry and makeup for a bold and elegant look.


121509453 121487111

This is probably my favourite (well, we all know I am obsessed with everything). Dresses in metallic shades (think chrome, metallic blue, metallic pink, copper and gold) are making a big splash this Spring (especially in my closet, pics will be posted soon). These shades provide the perfect foundation for a sexy, elegant look (one of my many aims in life is to always radiant elegance, nothing is sexier). Smokey eyes, bold statement jewellery, strappy heels. Bulls-eye baby! And I am perfectly put together for a night out!




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