The Collar Obsession Continues

So I’m crushing on collars. And today we off to Neverland! So growing up I was obsessed with Disney and one would have thought I would’ve outgrown this by now, but of late, I’ve fallen in love with Peter Pan collars. They are classic and chic, which means you bound to score mega style points. I’ve styled my Peter Pan collar on a simple skater dress to bring my look together. Hope this helps you find some Disney inspiration (one can never be too old for a bit of Disney)!



 Dress – Jo Borkett

Shoes – Nine West

Collar – Zulu Lulu

Belt – Zulu Lulu





Jewelled Collars

A few seasons ago, jewelled collars became the “IT” accessory. To date, it’s still one of my favourites (studded, sequined, printed, embellished, I’m obsessed with them all). For the DIY-ers, the nice thing about jewelled collars is that you can make them yourself by cutting out from and old shirt or personalize it directly on the shirt with pearls, sequins or studs for signature style. Jewelled collars also offer a gorgeous alternative to necklaces and are bound to make a statement no matter what ensemble you are rocking.


Blouse – Zara

Skirt – Forever New

Shoes – Zoom

Stockings – Woolworths

So glad its finally Friday!! Have an amazing one gorgeous readers.


Mint Crush

My post today is dedicated to another colour crush of mine: MINT. So let’s just take a moment to give this colour the credit it truly deserves. Mint adds a trendy spin to any look, be it in the form of jewellery, scarves, shoes, clothing (ok basically everything). If you are looking to make a chic, elegant statement, mint is definitely the way to go. And yes, it’s also perfect for Spring 🙂


Dress – Forever New

Belt – Mr Price

Shoes – Woolworths

Handbag – Guess

Happy Almost Friday Evereyone!


I’ve Got The Blues

My look today incorporates one of my favourite colours ever: COBALT BLUE. And how fitting because it’s also an amazing colour for Spring (and well the rest of the year as well).


This hue flatters all skin tones and proves to be an eternal classic shade. I seem to always wear black (it is my ultimate favourite colour); however office attire doesn’t always need to be black. One always has the option to mix it up with bright fun colours and I think cobalt blue is perfect. Pair your outfit with pointed toe pumps, simple accessories and barely there makeup and you good to go!


Dress – Spree

Coat – Forever New

Shoes – Zara

Pearls – Zulu Lulu

Happ Wednesday everyone!


Navy and Pink

Navy and dusty pink has to be one of my favourite trends. I must admit that I do love wearing this combo in winter, however Johannesburg is currently freezing. So to the universe, please note that I miss the sun (sending good vibes out there). Navy is such a deep, rich colour and when paired with a lighter, fun colour, proves a noteworthy combination with feminine flare.


Blazer – Zara

Blouse – Market (in Thailand)

Pants – Mr Price

Shoes – Spitz

Handbag – Zulu Lulu

Happy Choos-Day everyone!


Blue (and Pink) Monday

Eye-catching. Yes. Bold. Yes again. Aaaaah I love bright colour combinations. Wearing bright colours almost guarantees one stands out in a crowd. And yes, I can deal with standing out with a touch of femininity and intrigue. What is essential when wearing bright colours, is how you put your look together. Since bright colours are always trendy in the warmer months, everyone is tempted to obtain a few. Here are a few tips when you brightening up you summer wardrobe:

Pick shades which flatter your skin and hair tone. Always remember that the only colours and pieces which are trendy are ones which flatter you. If your face is pale, steer clear of yellow and orange. Instead, you should look to pink and blue shades.

Shop around for budget pieces. Remember that bright colours aren’t trendy all year round and as such, you don’t want to spend too much money. Buy a few bright pieces which you can then mix with neutral shades to create different looks.

Make sure the pieces fit you well. Bright colours tend to make one look larger than they actually are so the correct fit is essential.

Keep accessories simple and basic as you do not want to look like an overdone rainbow.

And to sum it up, if you are in doubt of how to pair bright colours, stick to the basic colour blocking rules, and you’ll be perfectly fine (make that damn fine)! I’ve kept my look today quite plain, as the colours I’m wearing are statement enough. Hope this post helps you find some inspiration.

Blouse – Topshop

Skirt – Mr Price

Shoes – Zara

Handbag – Zulu Lulu

Have an amazing week everyone!




Retro Bloom

Yay! It’s Friday and the sun is finally out (which means I can once again start wearing almost every print possible). I particularly love floral – such an eye popping sensory overload of colour. If you eagerly embrace brilliant bursts of colour, retro blooms are definitely something to delve into this Spring.

My floral affair is taking shape in the form of dresses, tailored suits, breezy skirts and possibly every other piece which catches my eye. If you’re apprehensive on donning floral head-to-toe, there are plenty of equally stunning alternatives (try a floral statement neckpiece or even just one floral piece of clothing).

Dress – Jo Borkett

Shoes – Zara

Messenger Bag – Zulu Lulu