Office Friendly Friday Attire

So Friday at the office is usual a casual one. Business CASUAL that is. But what is actually office friendly casual (I’d hate to look like a rock band groupie on a party bus). Casual Fridays are supposed to be somewhat of a break (well for me, its freedom from heels). As women, we’ve got infinitely more options than men when it comes to casual Friday attire, which translates into endless opportunities to screw up. If jeans are acceptable, then comes the questions of what colour, what cut, what wash, what fit, what what what! And for me, as always, with choice comes angst. Whilst I initially embraced casual Friday with enthusiasm, the reality of facing a closetful of options was more daunting than expected.

Here are my rules for office-friendly Friday attire. Hope it helps!

  • Steer clear of light coloured denim. Instead, opt for darker shades. It does give off a more dressy-formal vibe.
  • Avoid anything neon or shiny, unless it’s in the form of statement accessories. This includes sequin tops and anything heavily beaded. Save these items for a themed dress-up party.
  • If you would wear it to a club, you shouldn’t wear it to work. Just because a top is “dressy” doesn’t mean it’s office-friendly. Always remember that modesty is key in the workplace.
  • Hats are not okay for the office, ladies. Please leave your fedoras at home.
  • Closed-toe shoes are ideal. But, if your office is more lax, nice sandals (not thongs or flip-flops) during warmer months are super chic. I am obsessed with the shoes I am wearing today so I think they deserve a feature and a pic of its own.


Note: It is not usually ok to wear headbands to work (like me today), however, we are having a lunchtime soiree which requires one.

20141107_072457 20141107_072627

Blazer: Mango

Black Shirt – Mr Price

Jeans – Zara

Shoes – Forever New

Handbag – Zulu Lulu

Headband – Zulu Lulu

Oh and the picture with my leg up is for good measure!!! It’s almost the weekend after all!!!



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