Oh So Tropical

TROPICAL PRINTS are everywhere; in all its glory might I add. And I am loving it (the trees, flowers, leaves, colours, just about everything). In all honesty, I haven’t always been a fan of this explosion of color and chaotic mix of prints, however renowned designers have provided me with inspiration on how to pull off this trend. I am always on a quest to look and feel feminine, in the most effortless way possible and tropical prints seem to provide an amazing backdrop for this. So let’s get onto the real business, how does one wear this somewhat overwhelming print. Here’s my advice:

HEAD TO TOE TROPICAL. Dresses, suits, blouses, shorts, jumpsuits. Whichever floats your boat really. My suggestion is to choose pieces which can be used at the office, casually or even for a night out depending on how its accessorized. You can pile on tons on accessories, don funky shoes or even keep it simple with basic accessories and nude pumps.

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ONE STATEMENT TROPICAL PIECE. Try pairing a tropical print piece with something basic (white pieces mixed with tropical ones look amazing or don a tropical print blouse with solid coloured bottoms/demins). This look screams sophistication, elegance and Spring!!

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MIX AND MATCH. If you’re on the daring side, mix tropical prints with any other prints for a bold statement. Yes, create a look which is loud, chaotic and says “look at me, I’m owning this trend”. Trends are all about an explosion of senses after all. Personally, I am obsessed with mixing prints so this look is at the top of my “to-try” list. Now can someone pass me a flower crown for my hair, pretty please.

69cc3e4a568ebedbd73302d16859d3eb 4a2f3fbcb6aa473a9b9d576ff9364c65

I’m always willing to try out new things as long as it looks great on me and flatters my physique. So even with this tropical print trend, it’s all up to one’s personal style. Before you dismiss the chaotic-ness of these prints, give it a try. You will probably be presently surprised with the looks you create.

Bring on the Sundowners! Happy Saturday everyone 🙂



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