Crop It Out

With new seasons, come new trends. And I am always so excited to try them all in a way which suits me. So of course, I am trying the cropped pants trend! So growing up I remember them being called capri pants and pedal pushers and well now they’ve been given a make-over and renamed the cropped pants. There is honestly a pair for every physique, so go out and get one, make it stylish and make it you.

2014-11-11 14.18.59 2014-11-11 14.17.57

When shopping for a pair of these beauties, always remember that FIT is key. The next important aspect of getting the fit right is determining the style which is best for your body. With an ill-fitting pair of pants, a pear shaped woman can look like a soccer ball, a tall woman like a midget and a soccer mom looking like, well, a soccer mom. So yes, cropped pants can either make you look super chic or super frumpy, and often it’s the fit that is the determining factor.

If you are short, no matter what you try, you will remain short. My advice is to keep the pants slim and close to the legs. A pair of cropped pants will probably also make you look shorter, so counter this with heels, tops that shape the waist, and wider necklines will bring height upwards and offer some balance.

If you tall, every pair of pants is probably already cropped hahahahaha. You need to choose pants that fall mid-calf or higher so the crop looks like it is on purpose, not like they are accidentally too short.

Crop pants are typically worn in a casual manner, however I am wearing them to work today, except I am not wearing them like I would casually. Cropped pants for work require a little extra effort than a casual white t-shirt. I’ve styled my cropped pants (loose fitting so my big bum doesn’t draw too many stares) with a formal shirt, fitted jersey and statement neckpiece. I am also wearing flat pumps as I personally don’t feel that cropped pants and stilettos work, for work.


Shirt – Woolworths

Jersey – Cotton On

Pants – Cotton On

Shoes – Forever New

Bag – Zulu Lulu

Neckpiece – Zulu Lulu




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