Bohemian Flair

I love fringes. There’s just something about adding a little bohemian, romantic flair to one’s look and of course, I’m doing it in the form of fringes. I have seen it everywhere, from bags to dresses and honestly, I am in love with every piece.

IMG_20141220_222944 IMG_20141220_152420

There are so many ways to incorporate this trend into one’s look without looking like you’ve just hopped off a Wild Wild West horse. The key is to keep it simple. There is no need to go bohemian from head-to-toe. Choose one bohemian piece to make a statement. I have incorporated fringed heels into my look. Hope this helps you find some bohemian inspiration!

IMG_20141220_222923 IMG_20141220_152348

Shirt – Mr Price

Belt – 32 Clothing

Pants – Zara

Shoes – Rage

Bag – Guess

Happy Sunday Everyone 🙂



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