DIY: Clear Nail Polish

I’m sure many of you already know this tip, I think it’s pure genius. Ever since starting Zulu Lulu I’ve been looking for simple effective ways to keep jewellery from tarnishing and this makes such a difference. Like any girl, I love jewellery as most of you already know. I actually have an unhealthy obsession with costume jewellery. And of course, sometimes my jewellery lasts only a few wears before the color starts to rub off and turn my finger, wrist or neck green, which results in me never wearing the piece again. So here is a quick simple solution to stop the green fingers, wrists and necks.

What you need:
Costume jewellery
Clear nail polish


Paint a coat or two of clear nail polish on the back of your watches, inside your rings and bracelets and the outside of your neckpieces and you are sorted. The colour stays on your jewellery rather than your skin.


Another awesome tip for clear nail polish is to paint a layer or two over your pieces with small crystals. This helps to keep the crystals from falling out. And I’m off…to paint my jewellery that is!




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