My Love for Monochrome

So I have always been obsessed with monochrome, and yes it has been around forever and in my closet, it’ll probably stay there forever and here’s why:

It’s absolutely classy and timeless. And everyone knows I love timeless pieces, because you get to wear it whenever you feel like. Chances are we all have a few of these pieces in our closets so now it the perfect time to dig out your pieces which fit this trend.

It looks so effortlessly gorgeous. Everytime. Just the colour combination makes a statement of its own.

You don’t need a million bucks to make this look work. All that matters is that the fit of your pieces are appropriate for your body and that the fabric of your items wears well in the long run.

Monochrome forms the perfect base to easily add a pop of colour to your look. Be it a bold lip colour, bag, jewellery or shoes. My look today incorporates a pop of colour with both my lip colour and bag. I find that I am not always carrying my bag with me during the day, so the lipstick provides the perfect pop of colour for a summer feel.


Dress – Topshop

Shoes – Zoom

Bag – Zulu Lulu




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