Let’s Selfie!!!

As a blogger you’d think I would always be ahead of the times. Well unfortunately not. The selfie stick trend was one I had only caught onto during a recent trip to Europe. There were people everywhere wielding these devices (and then it dawned on me that these devices were actually selfie sticks). There they stood with their selfie sticks attached to their cellphones smiling merrily in front of numerous tourist attractions. Well the selfie trend was and is huge. And somehow it hadn’t yet hit South Africa as a craze. Being a person who wants to always capture everything whilst trying not to get my forearm in the picture, I got speaking to a girl who was holding an extendable metal wand that has a blue plastic handle at one end and her white Samsung smartphone clipped to the other.

I watched her use her selfie stick and by the way her friends and her use it exclusively for selfies. And its really quite simple. Lift your phone about three feet up into the air, set the camera’s self-timer, then snap a photo of yourself and loved ones. As simple as it seemed, somehow I couldn’t get myself to buy one of these gadgets. All the cables and all the admin. I’d much rather pass. And then I found the most amazing version of the selfie stick. My kinda fuss free version. Built-in bluetooth and a conveniently situated shutter button. Unlike other selfie sticks which require a separate remote to control the shutter the Zulu Lulu version allows you to just point and shoot with the use of one hand and is compatible with all smartphones. Hence you get to take great photos with your friends, family or just by yourself.

   3 6

And so I started doing my research. One of the reasons that selfie sticks are so popular is due to just how easy it is to use. Anyone has the ability to become a selfie fundi with simple guidance and little instruction. Best of all, they capture everything, everytime. Whether by yourself or with a group of friends or family, you can now take that selfie that truly captures the moment.

5 2

Gone are the days of blurry, solo self-portraits caught by flip phones in bathroom mirrors. Selfies have become such a social network staple that almost everyone has invested in these metal wands to perfect their self-portraits, squeeze more people into the frame and be sure they never miss out on any capture moment. So ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to get yours 🙂

For more information, email zulululuza@gmail.com for all the finer details!



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