Africa Let’s Unite

The recent uprisings in our country are proof that we still have a long way to go in terms of growth as a nation. When has it become ok to reconcile our gripes through violence? Let’s not forget that we are all foreigners somewhere. Africa isn’t just our birth land, it is our being. Let’s unite. One nation. One Africa.


When did we become such selfish beings? We continually look for divide and I in my personal capacity condemn such behaviour. We emphasise the differences between blacks and whites. Yet at the same token, we keep calling for change. Change starts with us. Think about the recent actions of our people bringing down statues. Have we forgotten that some of these people (Mahatma Gandhi for instance) fought for the peace in our land? Are we so driven by anger and hatred that we forget the ability to think?

Let’s remember, our country was first plagued by Apartheid. Now we find ourselves turning on our fellow Africans. Let’s unite before we start turning on our very own South Africans. This is a circle of destruction. I am fortunate enough to interact with people of all races and nationalities; with each one contributing in some way to where I am today. To move forward, we need each other. Let us as the younger South African generation, aid social unity and illustrate to the world the true spirit of UBUNTU.

Let’s make a difference, a difference together. Don’t just sit back, be the change. If you would like to contribute blankets, food and/or clothing for victims of xenophobia please email me on to arrange. If you are in the Johannesburg area, a refugee camp has been set up at Christ Church Mayfair, corner Park Drive and Main Reef Road and all donations are welcome.

Hat – Zulu Lulu

Shirt – Woolworths

Jumper – H&M

Leggings – Bershka

Sneakers – Converse

May this week be a peaceful one!!



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