Clashing Prints

I love 2015’s clashing prints trend. However I do acknowledge that it’s pretty tricky getting this trend right and pulling it of with confidence. New trends. New risks. I’ve decided that no matter what fashion risks I take, I will always remain comfortable and true to my style. That’s my key to confidence.


This is possibly the first time that I’m clashing prints and so I’ve decided to keep it rather simple. I believe that the trick with getting a clashing prints ensemble right is to focus on colours which combine with ease. My go to colours – black and white of course. The clash of the large checks of my dress and tribal pattern of my jacket creates my version of ‘edgy’. Notice that both items of clothing incorporate black and white.


Hopefully this helps you get started on your clashing prints journey! Why settle for wearing the same pieces time and time again when you can combine a few and create new and unique looks.


Jacket – Zulu Lulu

Dress – Zulu Lulu

Leggings – Woolworths

Shoes – Asos

Much love xxx


The Little Black Dress

Unlike most fashion trends, the LBD is one which never changes. It is the epitome of timeless fashion. So today, I have favoured, head-to-toe black. I find all black to be super chic and extremely flattering.


Being a banker by profession means that sometimes, despite everyone being in casual December mode, I have meetings and forums to attend and my go to getup is always something black (today being no different). And for every female, the LBD is a wardrobe essential! As a rule of fashion, chic-ness and style every woman needs to own an elegant black dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion!


Dress – Mango

Stockings – Woolworths

Shoes – Asos

Happy All Black Thursday Everyone 🙂



So I accept my fate, I am a POLKADOT-ADDICT. A proud one might I add. I have dresses, skirts, shirts, shorts, socks (ok right about every clothing item possible). So of course, I am wearing something dotted today. I am a firm believer that you can’t have enough dots, so yes, there will be many more posts of me looking dotty! And it doesn’t help that I find the cutest pieces in polka dots. Aaaah, I guess my addiction will always find fuel.

20141113_072433 20141113_072502

Dress – Platinum Fashion Mall (Bangkok)

Stockings – Woolworths

Shoes – Asos

Happy Almost Weekend!


Sunny Side Up

Yellow has to be one of my favourite colours this season. Given the warmth that Spring brings, there is nothing better than a colourful wardrobe update. Sunny shades of yellow are right up my alley. And it seems many celebs are going sunny side up as well. Yellow invokes feelings of happiness, warmth and glamour in me. Many women stay away from this colour complaining that it’s far too bold or isn’t flattering to their skin tone, but there is a shade of yellow for everyone and the right shade can look rather luxurious. The simplest of combinations look fabulous when combined with something yellow. Hopefully my black and yellow ensemble today will give you inspiration for the next time you wear yellow.

IMG_20141103_073837 IMG_20141103_081503

Peplum jacket – Asos

Skirt – Mr Price

Shoes – Asos

Necklace – Zulu Lulu

Handbag – Zulu Lulu

Happy Mellow Yellow Monday everyone!!!


Lady Lace

So I think it’s essential for me to set the tone for my outfit today. LACE is a must-have. It’s a non-negotiable in any sophisticated woman’s wardrobe (well in my opinion anyways). And no, it is not pretentious, granny induced glamour, its sheer fabulosity (no pun intended).

The current trend factor in lace is off the chart! Feminine, elegant and Audrey Hepburn-ish chic. It doesn’t get trendier than that. And that’s probably why lace is everywhere this Spring! I find that lace pieces ooze femininity and add romantic chicness to any look. I know many females aren’t lace fans. I mean, this fabric is perceived as being extremely girly (and we all know girly girl isn’t everyone’s cup of tea either) and old fashioned, but it honestly is extremely versatile. It can be worn to the office in the form of a knee-length dress (my office look today), to Spring picnics in lace tops or even shorts. And why not dress it up with statement jewellery or dress it down with a pair of Nikes (yes off course I am referring to a pair of Nike Air Max). Given that we live in the age of freedom to express ourselves, we have the opportunity to wear lace any way we please and make the craziest combinations work. And so off course, I am once again obsessed.


Dress: Forever New

Shoes: Asos

Handbag: Zulu Lulu

Bracelet: Zulu Lulu