Purply Blues

I love purple. Its extremely flattering on most skin tones and an extremely versatile colour. So of course when I came across this purple and nude beauty, I needed to have it. I find the nude and purple colour combination really complimentary and delicate. Given that purple is a mix of blue and red, both these shades look amazing when paired with purple. Hence I chose a navy pair of shoes and a navy and cream handbag to accessorise my look.


Dress: Jo Borkett

Shoes: Zara

Bag: Zulu Lulu




Lumo and Nude

From pale blush hues to super bright, pink remains a major trend this Spring. And of course, electric pink has cast its fluorescent glow into my closet. A far cry from the disco fever shuffle socks, head bands and glow plastic accessories, neons have taken on a far more sophisticated persona of late. For all of its avant-garde appeal, I do suggest that one approaches this trend with caution. There is, after all, a vast difference between feeling as if you’re stuck in a highlighter aisle in a stationery shop, and feeling like you’re trendy and polished.


I’ve chosen a dress which offsets lumo and nude to somewhat balance my look and not seem like I am trying to draw attention from outer space.


Dress – Platinum Fashion Mall (Bangkok)

Shoes – Mr Price


Hope its amazing!!!


Mint Crush

My post today is dedicated to another colour crush of mine: MINT. So let’s just take a moment to give this colour the credit it truly deserves. Mint adds a trendy spin to any look, be it in the form of jewellery, scarves, shoes, clothing (ok basically everything). If you are looking to make a chic, elegant statement, mint is definitely the way to go. And yes, it’s also perfect for Spring 🙂


Dress – Forever New

Belt – Mr Price

Shoes – Woolworths

Handbag – Guess

Happy Almost Friday Evereyone!