Maxi Dresses

Aaaaah the maxi dress!!! And, yes I acknowledge that most maxi dresses aren’t extremely winter friendly, unless you layer up (leggings underneath, coat and scarf on top). However, I am still a firm believer that when aiming to look effortlessly put together, you can’t put a foot wrong with a maxi dress.


So let’s get straight to it. Maxi dresses should make you feel gorgeous. I also find that with maxi dresses, go for something timeless. This should be an item of clothing you keep reusing whenever you are looking for something bold. The style I have invested in is one which flatters my body type. Firstly, I am short, so the stripes create an illusion that I am actually taller than I really am. Secondly, my waist is the smallest part of my body so a long dress cinched at the waist draws attention away from my problem areas.


And no, there is no formula to the perfect maxi dress, just like finding the right man, you will find your perfect style and fit, after trying on a few.

Dress – Zulu Lulu

Belt – Forever New

Shoes – Rage

Much Love xxx


Stripe Me Taller

Whether horizontal, vertical, thin, thick, black, blue or whatever other colour it may be, stripes are amazing. And they provide the perfect graphic statement to one’s closet. When paired with the right pieces, stripes are flattering and provide instant trendiness. The key to wearing stripes in my world is to keep it simple and keep it clean. My look today incorporates a striped skirt and a plain scoop neck tee (the skirt stands out so I tried not to detract attention from my statement piece). And in addition to looking well put together, vertical stripes create the illusion of tall-ness. Aaaaah yes, I can live with that!

Disclaimer: Given that I am new to blogging, I am somewhat getting use to posing and finding spots to take pictures. They always happen to be somewhere around our complex. So please excuse my pictures and their backgrounds (hahahahahaha). Hopefully I will be able to stop traffic soon and take pictures on the highway (I joke)!!! But please bare with me, I promise to get better soon 🙂

20141030_070821 20141030_070623

Tee – Woolworths

Skirt – Mr Price

Shoes – YDE