Clashing Prints

I love 2015’s clashing prints trend. However I do acknowledge that it’s pretty tricky getting this trend right and pulling it of with confidence. New trends. New risks. I’ve decided that no matter what fashion risks I take, I will always remain comfortable and true to my style. That’s my key to confidence.


This is possibly the first time that I’m clashing prints and so I’ve decided to keep it rather simple. I believe that the trick with getting a clashing prints ensemble right is to focus on colours which combine with ease. My go to colours – black and white of course. The clash of the large checks of my dress and tribal pattern of my jacket creates my version of ‘edgy’. Notice that both items of clothing incorporate black and white.


Hopefully this helps you get started on your clashing prints journey! Why settle for wearing the same pieces time and time again when you can combine a few and create new and unique looks.


Jacket – Zulu Lulu

Dress – Zulu Lulu

Leggings – Woolworths

Shoes – Asos

Much love xxx


My Love for Monochrome

So I have always been obsessed with monochrome, and yes it has been around forever and in my closet, it’ll probably stay there forever and here’s why:

It’s absolutely classy and timeless. And everyone knows I love timeless pieces, because you get to wear it whenever you feel like. Chances are we all have a few of these pieces in our closets so now it the perfect time to dig out your pieces which fit this trend.

It looks so effortlessly gorgeous. Everytime. Just the colour combination makes a statement of its own.

You don’t need a million bucks to make this look work. All that matters is that the fit of your pieces are appropriate for your body and that the fabric of your items wears well in the long run.

Monochrome forms the perfect base to easily add a pop of colour to your look. Be it a bold lip colour, bag, jewellery or shoes. My look today incorporates a pop of colour with both my lip colour and bag. I find that I am not always carrying my bag with me during the day, so the lipstick provides the perfect pop of colour for a summer feel.


Dress – Topshop

Shoes – Zoom

Bag – Zulu Lulu



Navy and Pink

Navy and dusty pink has to be one of my favourite trends. I must admit that I do love wearing this combo in winter, however Johannesburg is currently freezing. So to the universe, please note that I miss the sun (sending good vibes out there). Navy is such a deep, rich colour and when paired with a lighter, fun colour, proves a noteworthy combination with feminine flare.


Blazer – Zara

Blouse – Market (in Thailand)

Pants – Mr Price

Shoes – Spitz

Handbag – Zulu Lulu

Happy Choos-Day everyone!


Oh So Tropical

TROPICAL PRINTS are everywhere; in all its glory might I add. And I am loving it (the trees, flowers, leaves, colours, just about everything). In all honesty, I haven’t always been a fan of this explosion of color and chaotic mix of prints, however renowned designers have provided me with inspiration on how to pull off this trend. I am always on a quest to look and feel feminine, in the most effortless way possible and tropical prints seem to provide an amazing backdrop for this. So let’s get onto the real business, how does one wear this somewhat overwhelming print. Here’s my advice:

HEAD TO TOE TROPICAL. Dresses, suits, blouses, shorts, jumpsuits. Whichever floats your boat really. My suggestion is to choose pieces which can be used at the office, casually or even for a night out depending on how its accessorized. You can pile on tons on accessories, don funky shoes or even keep it simple with basic accessories and nude pumps.

8547331c3fc57cf9dbbb6a43ca950fbf f7d31f56ba1ba5a67e48605055854f10 

ONE STATEMENT TROPICAL PIECE. Try pairing a tropical print piece with something basic (white pieces mixed with tropical ones look amazing or don a tropical print blouse with solid coloured bottoms/demins). This look screams sophistication, elegance and Spring!!

96f0107a3518bb5137728e770e091f1b a0c79aef9d45f372522b813e86317dd1

MIX AND MATCH. If you’re on the daring side, mix tropical prints with any other prints for a bold statement. Yes, create a look which is loud, chaotic and says “look at me, I’m owning this trend”. Trends are all about an explosion of senses after all. Personally, I am obsessed with mixing prints so this look is at the top of my “to-try” list. Now can someone pass me a flower crown for my hair, pretty please.

69cc3e4a568ebedbd73302d16859d3eb 4a2f3fbcb6aa473a9b9d576ff9364c65

I’m always willing to try out new things as long as it looks great on me and flatters my physique. So even with this tropical print trend, it’s all up to one’s personal style. Before you dismiss the chaotic-ness of these prints, give it a try. You will probably be presently surprised with the looks you create.

Bring on the Sundowners! Happy Saturday everyone 🙂


Closet Essential: The White Shirt

You probably don’t need me to tell you that a good quality, well-fitted white shirt is a closet essential. From the office to date night, and everything in between, the classic white shirt is probably the most underestimated pieces you own, yet the most versatile. I’ve always assumed that I have about 3 white shirts in my closet, however this morning, I did a bit of a count, and well to my surprise, I have 18. So do not be surprised if you see me donning a white shirt in every post for the next few days.


I have teamed my white shirt with a cool-blue mini, statement neckpiece and coral-like peach shoes for a Spring feel.

 IMG_20141106_094312 IMG_20141106_094336

Skirt – Forever New

Shirt – Zara

Shoes – Zara

Necklace – Zulu Lulu

Handbag – Zulu Lulu

So ladies, happy dressing up or perhaps even dressing down in this timeless classic!


Eyebrows! I’ll have mine FULL!

So facial hair is a taboo (well for me anyways), all except the brows! I am obsessed with youthful, bushy, natural brows like Cara Delevingne’s. Hence, I’m always on a quest to obtain the perfect brows (statement on its own). Here are a few easy tips on how to achieve full brows:


Try hault on the constant plucking (I mean chickens are meant to be plucked bald, not them brows) and allow your brows to grow naturally. Once your hair growth has somewhat recovered, start researching the shape of brows which would most flatter your face. Choose that look and stick to it (if it ain’t broke, why fix it). Remember not to over tweeze or wax or thread as your brow folicles may become permanently damaged and hence may never grow back (noooooooo, I need Cara’s brows).  And ladies, if you have shaky hands, best steer clear of shaping your brows and seek professional help (beautician, also know as magician) near you for a polished look. For the DIY-ers, stencils work magic when shaping brows. I also have my brows tinted black to further enhance my statement look (and it saves me colouring them in with eyeliner and channelling Marilyn Manson).

1414234141378 1414234193703

The rules are quite simple eyebrows should complement and balance your features- rounder features require angular brows, while angular or irregular features require softer eyebrows.  No matter what look you would like to achieve with your brows, keep them natural, keep them full, keep them youthful!




Leather and Bows

Once again, I’ll be starting today’s post by moaning about the weather. Do not let the sun in my pictures fool you, the wind is definitely set to cold-room vibes. I’m over it but at the same time, it means I get to indulge in something other than Spring dresses! So leather shorts it is! Leather is an amazing fabric! It keeps you warm without looking frumpy, so despite it being Spring, it’s perfect for days like today. Leather shorts. Stockings. Chic shirt.

IMG_20141018_174605 IMG_20141018_162325

I can probably get use to somewhat covering up in Spring without layering like its Winter. And honestly, I’m loving leather shorts, in a really chic and classy kinda way. There’s also so many looks that can be created from this item (casual, dressy, semi formal, formal), that investing in a pair of leather shorts offers great value for the cha-ching. Thank you Zara and Woolies for always making dressing up an absolute bliss!!


Shirt – Woolworths

Shorts – Zara

Stockings – Woolworths

Shoes – Rage

Clutch – Nine West