The Bodysuit

Aaaah, the bodysuit. How chic and fabulous! Forget about all the horrible pictures you’ve seen of your mom donning her bodysuit in the 80’s (high cut terribleness), our generations version is just amazing! I am obsessed with the way a blouse looks neatly tucked into a pencil skirt, with nothing puffing out over the waistband. So of course, as soon as I came across this bodysuit shirt, I had to have it, to achieve the neatly tucken in awesomeness.


And in all honesty, bodysuits don’t need to be restricted to just corporate wear. Why not try it out with high-waisted jeans or shorts on the weekend? So yes, it has a g-string bottom (care for bum floss anyone), which can be off-putting for most woman, but trust me, that’s one of the nicest features, no untidy tell-tale panty lines. I can get use to that!


Shirt – Zara

Skirt – Forever New

Shoes – Zara

Handbag – Zulu Lulu




White on White

For some odd reason, everyone I know seems to be hosting an all white party, so this happens to be the perfect excuse for me to try all white ensembles. And in all honesty, white on white provides one with the perfect canvas to create numerous looks.

IMG_20141224_082654 IMG_20141224_082716

My advice:

  1. White can be just as flattering as black if it is worn properly. And that being said, no, white does not instantly make you look like you’ve eaten one too many chocolate puddings.
  2. Do Mix and match different fabrics to add texture to your look. This keeps things interesting and fresh. I’ve mixed denim and cotton today!
  3. I love white clothing mixed with metallics. It helps keep ones look less clinical.
  4. Make sure that your white ensemble isn’t tight. This will draw attention to every body flaw possible.
  5. When wearing white make sure that your under garments are neutral skin tones. White or black can usually be seen through your clothing and looks tacky.

IMG_20141224_082759 IMG_20141224_084730

Shirt – Mr Price

Jeans – Zara

Shoes – Zoom

Handbag – Zulu Lulu

Gold Accessories – Zulu Lulu


Bohemian Flair

I love fringes. There’s just something about adding a little bohemian, romantic flair to one’s look and of course, I’m doing it in the form of fringes. I have seen it everywhere, from bags to dresses and honestly, I am in love with every piece.

IMG_20141220_222944 IMG_20141220_152420

There are so many ways to incorporate this trend into one’s look without looking like you’ve just hopped off a Wild Wild West horse. The key is to keep it simple. There is no need to go bohemian from head-to-toe. Choose one bohemian piece to make a statement. I have incorporated fringed heels into my look. Hope this helps you find some bohemian inspiration!

IMG_20141220_222923 IMG_20141220_152348

Shirt – Mr Price

Belt – 32 Clothing

Pants – Zara

Shoes – Rage

Bag – Guess

Happy Sunday Everyone 🙂


Cobalt and Pleats

There’s just no escaping it. Pleated skirts are amazing. No matter the length or fabric, they are forgiving, flattering, ultra-feminine and a perfect way to update one’s look.


Let’s just get over the connotations associated with pleats – school uniforms, old school secretary getups, you get the point. Pleated skirts work in all shades so best you get your hands on yours before the best ones sell out!

IMG_20141217_085852 IMG_20141217_085834

Blouse – Topshop

Skirt – Zara

Belt – Forever New

Shoes – Vincci

Happy Midweek Evereyone!


32 Clothing Company Haul


It is time to introduce you to Joburg’s best kept secret: 32 Clothing Company retail store at 81 Rissik Street. A treasure hunt shopping experience that offers you branded clothing at heavily discounted retail prices. 32 Clothing Company is establishing itself as the leading off-price clothing wholesaler and retailer for brand name apparel in South Africa. They are able to offer branded clothing at heavily discounted prices based on their unique procurement and merchandising programmes.

Customers can purchase brand names such as Miss Sixty, GAP, Lee Cooper, Energie and Banana Republic at a minimum of 60% off the original retail price. The clothing is seperated into the following categories: Gold label, A-Grade and B-Grade. These categories help the buyer distinguish if the apparel is from the current season or if there are minor repairs to factory faults.

South African’s are offered the opportunity to purchase branded stock at prices not seen before in the market. Enthuse entrepreneurs also have the opportunity to establish 32 Clothing Company as a partner and trade in the informal sector as resellers. Wholesale customers are offered further discounts on large purchases to provide even further value and an opportunity to generate better profits.

Issued by: Engage Joe Public


I had the opportunity of shopping at this amazing store on Saturday. Truth be told, it was more than a treasure hunt for me. It was an experience. I am obsessed with European brands but more so I am obsessed with bargains. So of course, 32 Clothing Company has rapidly become my favourite shopping spot. Their range is modern, chic, oh so fashionable and extremely affordable (to put things into perspective, I left with 2 bags of goodies and it cost me what I would’ve paid for a pair of shoes at Zara).

IMG_20141213_181226 IMG_20141215_131934

IMG_20141215_132012 IMG_20141215_132029

And to let you in on a little secret, 1000 pairs of Zara shoes will be hitting their floor this Friday! If you are in Joburg, be sure not to miss out!!!





Instgram: @32clothing

Twitter: @32clothingSA

Have an amazing day everyone and happy shopping 🙂


Jewelled Collars

A few seasons ago, jewelled collars became the “IT” accessory. To date, it’s still one of my favourites (studded, sequined, printed, embellished, I’m obsessed with them all). For the DIY-ers, the nice thing about jewelled collars is that you can make them yourself by cutting out from and old shirt or personalize it directly on the shirt with pearls, sequins or studs for signature style. Jewelled collars also offer a gorgeous alternative to necklaces and are bound to make a statement no matter what ensemble you are rocking.


Blouse – Zara

Skirt – Forever New

Shoes – Zoom

Stockings – Woolworths

So glad its finally Friday!! Have an amazing one gorgeous readers.