White on White

For some odd reason, everyone I know seems to be hosting an all white party, so this happens to be the perfect excuse for me to try all white ensembles. And in all honesty, white on white provides one with the perfect canvas to create numerous looks.

IMG_20141224_082654 IMG_20141224_082716

My advice:

  1. White can be just as flattering as black if it is worn properly. And that being said, no, white does not instantly make you look like you’ve eaten one too many chocolate puddings.
  2. Do Mix and match different fabrics to add texture to your look. This keeps things interesting and fresh. I’ve mixed denim and cotton today!
  3. I love white clothing mixed with metallics. It helps keep ones look less clinical.
  4. Make sure that your white ensemble isn’t tight. This will draw attention to every body flaw possible.
  5. When wearing white make sure that your under garments are neutral skin tones. White or black can usually be seen through your clothing and looks tacky.

IMG_20141224_082759 IMG_20141224_084730

Shirt – Mr Price

Jeans – Zara

Shoes – Zoom

Handbag – Zulu Lulu

Gold Accessories – Zulu Lulu



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